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How to Use Your POS System for Tracking Inventory Value?

Tracking inventory value is a vital, yet typically daunting task for each retail operation. Regardless of the size or type of retail business you operate, it is needed to determine the financial worth of the items in your inventory. This data is significant for correct financial statements, and making knowledgeable business selections which influence the success of your retail business.

Using a good POS System with real time stock tracking will help ensure the accuracy of your readily available inventory, and will prevent valuable time by routinely producing the financial stories your finance division, auditors, or tax accountant needs on a monthly foundation. A good
vital POS system will automatically track the information you want for inventory valuation; together with available inventory, what's been used, and what inventory items are remaining. You will also wish to seize the price of each stock item, in order that the POS system might hold observe of the readily available inventory value. Meaningful reporting should embody a stock status report, by item, by division; and total stock available and on order, with estimated cost, and sub totals by division.

Although the inventory files of a present shop will look significantly completely different from the inventory recordsdata of a grocery store, the method of tracking stock may be very much the same. Items in each environment shall be entered into inventory by P.O. or non P.O., and will point out the scale and any pack portions. Always be sure to verify that the number of items ordered is in fact the number obtained, and modify the cost if there have been any price changes. This is also a super time to resolve should you want to take in any value increases, or cross them on to your customers as a value increase. It's greatest to place stock objects into departments or classes based mostly on the way you wish to manage the gadgets you are ordering, selling and tracking. For example, a present shop may have a number of departments which comprise their inventory files; together with a sweet division, a sundry department, and an opulent department. Physical inventory counts enhance the accuracy of readily available stock counts, with changes made for shrinkage and damage.

To save even more time, many retailers additionally use their POS software program to supply order suggestions by setting a reorder point by merchandise, and indicating an order a number of or pack quantity. For instance, a bakery makes a flag of their stock file to reorder one case of cherry pie filling when they're down to a few cans.

By sustaining accurate updated inventory files, you'll be able to study developments in your stock value and accounts receivable, and make sure that inventory and accounts receivable is growing in proportion together with your revenue and gross sales.

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